Choosing Great Pet Toys

You can get a stick, give it to your dog, and your dog will be happy with this type of toy. However, you may not be happy with what that type of pet toy can do to your home. The stick could scratch up just about everything in your home, not to mention your legs as they play. Instead of allowing sticks in your home, think about going to get some great pet toys that your pet will be just as happy with, but that will also be good in your home and won’t cause you bodily harm. They are going to be safer for your pet and kids as well.

One thing you may notice about pet toys you see in the store is that some of them resemble stuffed animals and they squeak. These often become favorite toys for pets because of a few reasons. The soft material allows your dog or cat to bite into it without problem. This fulfills their need to bite without tearing into your new shoes or your sofa. The squeak noise is often a surprise, no matter how many times they have heard it, making them think they have something to hunt. It is a natural instinct to them to hunt, so this toys has the benefit of that as well as filling the need to bite.

For dogs, some great pet toys are made of rawhide. These can come in the shape of bones, but they are still considered toys. Get one that is comparable to them in size. You don’t want to get a foot long rawhide as pet toys for a dog that is barely that long, but you can get them one that is a few inches. On the other hand, large dogs can use a good one that is six inches or more in size. They can bite and chew on these for a long time before they are no longer good.

Cats are not going to be fond of pet toys made of rawhide, but they do have the need to play. They play more when they are kittens, but adult cats need exercise too. There are many types of toys that make noises with bells and squeaks, that will give them the thrill of the chase. Some are simple toys baited with catnip that they will bat around and chase through the house. Some move around on wheels or even with a tiny motor. Other good pet toys for cats are flexible poles that have things dangling from them like feathers or strings. Cats love them and these get them moving, even when they seem to want to sleep all day.

Any type of pet toys that have material, like the stuffed animals, should be cared for with a washing once in a while. The dog (or cat) will put saliva on them, which will grow bacteria and gather dirt. Wash according to the instructions on the tags. As a matter of safety, get pet toys that do not resemble people and babies in any way, especially if you have kids in your home or a baby on the way. Don’t call the toys names like bubby or baby either, as a new baby can be mistaken for a toy if you use either of those words to refer to that baby.

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