Elliptical Trainer – 20 Minutes To Train Your Way To Fitness And Health

A treadmill is nice when doing your workout, however its focus is on the lower half of the body.

Whereas the elliptical trainer is a low-impact machine that provides a full body workout from head to toe. Because it offers such a low impact workout there is little risk for injury to your ankles, back, knees or other joints. It is the ideal machine for people that are prone to or at higher risk to injuries as well as people with problem joints and older generations.

Elliptical trainers offer you the ability to work out the upper and the lower part of the body at the same time. In just 20 minutes you can achieve a great workout session. You will also be getting a fantastic cardiovascular workout and by taking 20 minutes a day to get your eliptical workout you are not only giving your body a great workout, you are strengthening your heart muscle and reducing the risk of a stroke, heart disease and heart attack.

Is your heart rate increases during a workout so does your body’s metabolic rate and then next thing you know you will be burning calories quickly.

Areas of the body that will receive benefit from an elliptical trainer are:

1. Strengthening and toning arms

2. Strengthening and toning legs

3. Stronger abdominal muscles

4. Firming and toning butt

5. Stronger back

6. Improved heart condition

7. Higher metabolism

Most of us start a fitness program in order to lose excess weight and honestly any exercise that get your heart pumping is going to help you lose weight. However, if you give up after a week or two then you’ll never reach your ultimate goal.

It is really hard to stick to a program that takes an hour or more of your day to complete and many of us are guilty of giving up because we just cannot spare the time any longer. So why not give the elliptical trainer a chance. It really does work and it only takes 20 minutes a day, surely you can find 20 minutes somewhere in your day.

A really wonderful thing about the elliptical trainer is that the effort it takes to do the exercise is in fact less than the amount of calories you will burn. You will burn more calories using an elliptical trainer in 20 minutes than you would using a stationary bike for 30 minutes. Sounds pretty good huh?

Of course it does! We all want to see pounds and inches disappear so that we not only feel better but look better as well. So why not accomplish this is less time on a single machine that give you an all over workout.

Don’t be fooled by the smooth motion of elliptical trainers. It is an exercise to be reckoned with and it will quickly get your heart rate elevated into your fat-burning zone and to keep it there throughout your training session.

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