Pilates Machine – Best Aid to Pilates Workout

Pilates has been a craze of the early 2000’s. This form of exercise has unique approaches to fitness and can provide of significant benefits for the strengthening and conditioning of the body. It practices isometric movements for strengthening the body. Pilates exercise can be performed on mats, but having a pilates machine will certainly enhance your workout and help you take advantage of your own body as resistance.

Practicing pilates and using the machines shapes your body. It strengthens the core muscles to give your body stability and resistance. They are like cushy pads on rollers. You use straps to move the pad, using your own body to strengthen and lengthen your arms and legs. It develops a strong torso.

The Pilates machine line up is as:

1. Premier Reformer Pilates Machine: It improves muscle tone, balance and endurance. Each exercise engages the abdominals. You can develop a firmer chest, stronger shoulders, triceps and buttocks, slimmer thighs and calves. Over all it improves your coordination, flexibility and posture. It includes: A personal workout video and a full color workout chart.

2. Home SPX Stott Pilates Reformer: the ultimate goal of this machine is to build strength without bulk. It provides a superior quality workout from the comfort of home. Designed gentle, low impact exercises help improve agility, flexibility, core strength and economy of motion. It includes 1 padded platform extender and a professional reformer Box with foot strap. A set of double loop strap workout DVD and easy start exercise poster.

3. Pilates Reformer 4000: It has a full list of features and special design enhancements that make your workouts more effective and enjoyable. All age group and people with different fitness levels can use Pilates 4000. It promotes proper breathing and body alignment, improves concentration and increases flexibility and muscle strength.

4. Half Trapeze reformer: It aids the users to execute all reformer exercises and postures. It Increases your resistance. It includes a foot bar and 6 additional springs

5. Pilates Reformer Trapeze combination Machine: It allows the user to execute all reformer exercises and postures as well as exercises and acrobatics of the trapeze. It provides perfect stability. It has adjustable in height. It comes with five spring system with color coded springs and workout DVD

6. Pilates Professional max Reformer Machine: It can be included in your home gym and pilates studio. It works on your abdominals, thighs, and buttocks and strengthens them. The kit contains foot bar with 5 positions and workout DVD.

Using pilates machines restores the body, invigorates the mind and uplifts the spirit.

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