Tilia FoodSavers – Save Food, Save Money

The first of two models by this company is the Tilia V3040 FoodSaver. This is a uniquely designed vacuum foodsaver because it is vertical in design. This allows it to take up less counter or cupboard space depending on where you store it. The large button controls make operating the machine easy. The sealing strip is double wide and operation of this Tilia FoodSaver is completely hands-free, a convenience that many people appreciate. It is capable of storing moist food like meat, fruit and vegetables to keep them fresher longer along with dry and delicate food as well.

The Tilia V3240 FoodSaver is a slightly updated vacuum foodsaver model that allows you to set one of two sealing levels based on the food you are vacuum-sealing. Again, the design is vertical to save on counter space and keep your kitchen from looking too cluttered. It has an anti-bacterial drip tray to help catch what does not make it into the sealed bag. Many of the other features are still present in this Tilia FoodSaver design like a double-wide sealing strip, hands-free operation, two sealing levels, and control buttons that are easy to use.

The technology behind a vacuum foodsaver is quite simple though incredibly useful in preserving food. The first thing it does is vacuum the package so all the air is taken out. Then, it is sealed so air does not return when the Tilia foodsaver turns off. The most popular vacuum foodsaver options today look like a small printer or three-hole punch device. Overall, it is a compact machine with a powerful purpose that will save you money the longer you have it and the more you use it.

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