What Supplements and Foods You Should Be Giving To Your Dog

The fact is that there are now thousands of different types of dog care products that you can buy for your dog. There are supplements for joint health, there are supplements for coat health, there are also hundreds of different types of formulations of foods: grain free, dry, vet. The marketplace is filled with lots of different products and this massive choice leaves a lot of dog owners confused.

In today’s article I would like to talk with you about two different types of products: supplements and foods. I have spent the last two years working in the pet industry and I have learned some things that very few pet owners know about. In this article I would like to clear some confusion and talk with you about what your dog really needs.


When it comes to dog supplements there are only two products that you really need. First of all you should look into pre and probiotic dog supplements that will help to increase the amount of friendly bacteria in your dog’s gut which will in effect will help you to improve the efficiency of your dog’s digestive system. This should lead to a greater nutrient uptake which in effect will lead to the development of better skin and coat.

You should feed pre and probiotic supplements all year long.

In addition to this you should also look into joint supplements. Now, joint supplements isn’t something that you should feed all year round, but if you have got an older dog or if your dog is having mobility problems then you should supplement your dog’s diet with a product that will strengthen and support your dog’s joints.


When it comes to dog food there are a lot of options available. Some dog foods are less expensive, some dog foods are more expensive, but one big point that I would like to make is that when it comes to dog foods you should only give your dog grain free foods.

Yes, grain free dog food is more expensive than economy brands, but at least such foods are not packed with grains that your dog’s body was simply not designed to process. A lot of economy brands use grains as fillers and bulking agents simply to increase the volume of the product produced and this is why you should feed your dog only grain free food.



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